• Loupe Magazine - December 2014

    During a recent build, a photographer from Metroland Media came to document the process, and I spoke with a writer for Metroland's newest magazine, Loupe.

    As for future constructions, Coleman says “there’s a lot of little projects I’ve got in my head.” He’s working on his first mandolin. He wants to build a double-neck, a six-string guitar and a mandolin with one body. A lyre is also on his to-do list.
    - Mike Ruta
    Reprinted with permission of Metroland Media

  • Uxbridge Town Talk - June 2014

    I recently had a chance to sit down for an interview with Darrin Davis, for Uxbridge Town Talk. Here is what he had to say.

    The bond between a musician and their instrument runs very deep. It's hard to imagine B.B. King without 'Lucille', or Willie Nelson without trusty old "Trigger'. As music creators, we're always looking for that magic tone - for an instrument that feels like home - in our hands and our hearts...
    - Darrin Davis
    Reprinted with permission of Uxbridge Town Talk