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October 29 2013 - Website Launched!

The past few months have been unbelievable. In that time, I've gone to business class, put together a business plan, bought vast quantities of tools, and generally gone out of my mind trying to get everything together for this business venture. There's been some bad (struggling with branding and identity), and lots of good. In the process, I've met lots of really great entrepreneurs, who were struggling with the same problems I was. It's been hectic, but really great, as well.

Throughout it all, my wife has been a rock. I really want to give her a shout-out here, for being my savior and my lifeline. Even when she was sick (and she did have a terrible cold around week 5 of my business course), she was a total trooper, and helped keep me sane.

From here on forward, though, it's onward and upward. My immediate plans are to build beautiful instruments, get them up for sale, and work with my partners and allies to get some great content up on this site. The testimonials section is currently empty, but you'll be seeing that fill up really soon - we have some exciting people for you to check out!

In addition to the testimonials, check out our twitter feed to see what's on the workbench, or my random guitar-related thoughts of the day, or really, anything I think you guys will be excited to see.