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November 18 2013 - Moving Right Along, With Big Things In The Works

Just when I think things can't possibly get any crazier, they do. This month has been even crazier than the last, but, luckily, the good kind of crazy. My logo got finalized, and I've started getting marketing materials (including this website) done and ordered. I've gotten all manner of social media things started, including my Twitter account, my Facebook account, and more. I dug a ditch about 150 feet long by 2 feet deep, and ran an enormous power cable down it, and got power to the barn, so I have a decent dust room for all my big equipment.

Throughout it all, I've been building, and things have been going... so-so. When it's straight-ahead building, I'm doing great - I know what I need to do, and just do it. But then I hit a place where I need a jig, and I go to walk over to the wall and pull it down, only to realize that the jig I need is at Sergei's workshop in Quebec, and I need to make it for myself. That is absolutely no fun at all, and has been slowing me down a lot.

The guitars I'm working on are exciting - a bubinga one, and a rosewood one. I've learned a lot from them so far - like bubinga doesn't bend very well (especially if it has sapwood in it), though rosewood bends like butter. The rosewood back, too, is interesting - it's so dark, it goes purple in the middle. It's absolutely beautiful, and I can't wait to get some finish on it and see how it pops out.

I'm just about to get started on bracing the tops so I can finish my boxes - this is a very exciting time.

I have some really exciting things coming in the very near future, so stay tuned. At this point, I'm waiting on a few vendors to come through before I make any big announcements, but I expect it to be very soon.