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June 18 2014 - Trade Shows - Fun, but Exhausting

It's been a very busy time for me lately, and there has been a lot of good things that have happened. I've met some really great people, both musicians and store owners, who have all been very supportive. I've had articles and interviews written about me and my work, and I've built several more guitars, including making a new shape.

So far, I've got 2 trade shows under my belt. The first, the Local Biz Expo, was by far the hardest to put together - I had to figure out what I was going to bring, stage things for my booth, get signage, make reciepts, figure out what payment methods I would accept, etc., etc., etc. While the second one was no cake-walk, there was still a lot to do - it was an outdoor festival, so I needed a tent, and my own table, but I had a lot of the things I needed already, from the first trade-show, sitting in a bin in my basement.

My first, the Local Biz Expo, was really great. I made a lot of good contacts there, and had some interesting feedback - the best thing that came out of that was meeting one of the reporters for Metroland Media, and several good things came from that, including an upcoming article and a photo essay.

This past weekend, I attended Bowmanville Summerfest, which was a great event for me. I got a lot of good comments about my work, which was nice, as well as some interest from people looking for custom work. In addition, the manager from Gig's Music stopped by, and had a nice word, including inviting me to bring a guitar into the shop to discuss consignment.