Black Sheep Guitar

Lead The Herd.

About me:
Music has always been an important part of my life. As far back as I can remember, it's always been there - long cross-country drives with my entire family crammed into Dad's Chevy and the radio going, school dances, sitting around the fire while my cool friend Rich, who was just learning guitar, strummed away at his old acoustic... A world without music is a world without life.

My appreciation for music, naturally turned to playing, and the guitar, being probably the most accessible instrument, was my weapon of choice. I discovered a passion for making music, as well as for the guitars themselves. I began making my own - from kits, at first, then moving on to building my own from scratch. I went to Sergei de Jonge's guitar making workshop for 5 weeks, and learned how to do things properly, and decided to move ahead and start my own shop.

Why Black Sheep?
Musicians often feel as though they are outsiders, and misunderstood. I've felt that way for my entire life - everyone else goes left, I go right, not because I'm contrary, but because it felt like the right course of action. That mentality is something I wanted to bring into my craft. I love this world, with all of its tradition, but I also see room to experiment, with new techniques, and materials. These things excite me, and I'm looking forward to bringing them into my work.